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Indispensable aid for repair work, leaks, dripping boilers, water pipes, screw connections, radiators, boilers and all water-carrying parts and objects.

With the leak pump you always have your hands free because the water collected is automatically pumped out by the integrated water level meter.

The device can be used universally and has proven itself in the entire building services sector, such as for maintenance, for emptying containers, storage tanks, boilers and for customer service work.

The advantages:

  • Battery, electricity or combined operation enable an uninterruptible power supply.
  • The narrow tub without a notch on the forehead enables leaks to be caught directly on the wall.
  • The hose connection in the direction of the tub prevents the water from coming into contact with the electronics.
  • Battery with 12 volt connection ensures the power supply.
  • Built-in fuse has 4 amps.
  • Electronics regulate the start-up of the pump with increasing speed (therefore no on-off cycling).
  • Cover made of V2a stainless steel, neat workmanship and cabling - outside and inside.
  • Splashproof.
  • 3.3 m hose included.
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Flexible Leckpumpe – elektronisch gesteuert mit Akku für netzlose und unterbrechungsfreie Stromversorgung in der Sortimo L-Boxx (kompatibel mit Sortimo Fahrzeugeinrichtungen), inklusive 2 Leckstopper und 1 Leckage-Zunge

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