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Auxiliary case with information sticker for building services.
Consisting of:
* 9 PVC boxes with 25 pieces perforated information stickers (100 * 50mm)
* 1 PVC box with 50 pieces of information stickers (35 * 45 mm)
* 1 PVC box with 25 directional arrows
* Floor distributor, flow, return, hot water, cold water, circulation, gas, form, heating water, universal sticker (please note that all the stickers are available in German only!)
* E-lettering block (yellow) with special stickers for electric cables, sensors, etc. incl. PVC pull-off rod (auxiliary tool)
* Permanent pen for inscription
* Brother P-Touch machine with an insert ribbon
* Metabox with foam encapsulation

The perforated badges fit as required with the Simplex sign holders 100 x 50 mm and 70 x 50.8 mm or directly on the insulation or devices.