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Anode Tester AT-50

Anode Tester AT-50

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For testing sacrificial or impressed current anodes in boilers

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Anode tester AT-50

For testing sacrificial or impressed current anodes in boilers

The AT-50 anode tester is a multifunctional anode tester that performs the following tasks:

Measurement of the driving voltage (DC voltage) of insulated mounted Mg sacrificial anodes as well as impressed current anodes against the container / tank.
Measuring ranges:
• 2 V for Mg sacrificial anodes
• 20 V for impressed current anodes.

Measurement of protective currents (Direct current) in the measuring ranges
• 20 mA
• 200 mA.

Measurement of the mains voltages
• 230 VAC
• 115 VAC

To check sufficient mains voltage supply when using impressed current anode systems.

Measurement of the equipotential bonding resistance
When using storage water heaters with insulated electrical tubular heating elements or other non-enamelled flat-tube or finned-tube heat exchangers installed with equipotential bonding resistors.

Measurement of the functionality of the reverse polarity protection diodes

Measurement of the internal resistance of control sensors an Kesseln und Speichern Im Bereich bis max. 20kΩ.


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