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Heating test case compact

Heating test case compact

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Handy system case metaBOX 63XS, size: W 25.5 cm x L 17 cm x D 6.5 cm
incl. hardness test drops for the exact determination of the degree of hardness of the heating or drinking water.

Consisting of:
1 digital combination measuring device for determining the conductivity, the pH value and the medium temperature
1 Magnet Mix basic device incl. 2 pushbuttons (light/revolution) and transparent PVC cup up to max. 40 ml
1 star magnet
4 batteries 1.5V
1 hardness measuring liquid 15 ml
(1 drop = 1 degree dH)
1 dosing syringe 5ml
1 white bar magnet 8 cm to measure the magnetite
1 cleaning cloth
3 pH buffer solutions for pH
1 buffer solution for the conductivity


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